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What is an Exam Scheduling System?
The Schedule Expert Exam Scheduling System is easy-to-use software that takes advantage of the power of your PC to schedule examinations based on student registration information.

Its sophisticated scheduling algorithm is completely interactive and can pick times for your exams in seconds while giving you complete control of the trade-offs between different scheduling objectives.

It provides a rich selection of controls that give you the power to express virtually any scheduling constraint or special consideration.   

System features include:

     * High-speed automatic time assignment - you can compare different schedules in minutes.

     * Pre-assignment of exams for special cases.

     * Interactive operation - you can watch a schedule unfold before your eyes.

     * Easy-to-use what-if ability.

     * Flexible schedule shape.

     * Easy assignment of same-time and different-period exams.

     * Exams can be time-restricted in several ways.

     * On-screen move analysis, allowing you to know the exact effect of a time change.

     * Extensive reporting capability, including custom reports exported to your word processor.

     * IBM PC compatibility (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10).

     * Works with any Student Information System that can down-load registration data to a PC.


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